2018: New Year, New You, New Home?

Here we are once again celebrating a brand new start to the year.  A new year and a new beginning. Of course many of us make typical New Year’s resolutions – become healthier, change an undesired habit, accomplish a personal goal.  Perhaps part of your resolutions is bigger this year, like finding a new home that is a better fit for your lifestyle. Moving is an enormous process and if 2018 is the year you want to make your move, there are many people who can make this happen – and not just realtors.

While searching for your dream space you will no doubt seek the knowledge and guidance of a professional realtor.  It just makes sense. You don’t know the market, real estate laws or have an understanding of real estate terms and conditions. Licensed realtors will listen to you and your needs and make sure your criteria are met.  When you’ve found your dream space and signed on the dotted line, your realtor has done their job. They will shake your hand and wish you best of luck.  Physically moving from one home to another – that’s when the overwhelming and challenging part of relocating will begin for you and you alone.

Here are some numbers to help you quantify and understand the process of moving an average 3 bedroom home:

  • 100+ hours of sorting time.

That’s to go through every room, every closet, every cupboard, every drawer and decide what to keep, what to donate, and what needs to be thrown away.

  • 20+ hours to sell unneeded pieces, donate unwanted articles and dispose of unusable items.
  • 40-60 hours to pack up remaining items – not including furniture.

To help calculate this a little more clearly, think of the time like this: working for an average 8 hours a day, to get all this done will take approximately 22 ½ days.  If you are thinking of having friends and family help out on weekends – if they are available – that means 11 weekends – without any family opinions or friendly advice slowing down the process!

There’s a reason why moving is ranked as one of the top three most stressful events to endure.  Trying to pack up what is often multiple years’ worth of items and memories and fit them into a smaller space can be an incredibly labour intensive and emotional journey. However, just like realtors, there are certified and professional move management companies who can and will alleviate the stress of sorting, packing, moving and resettlement.  They are sensitive to your worries about change, the pressures of decision making, and the overwhelming process of it all.  Certified move management companies are knowledgeable professionals with a network of other top professionals they work with.  They can arrange for reputable movers.  They can co-ordinate moving times and elevators with condo or retirement management if necessary.  They can ensure valued and cherished possessions are carefully packed and protected and can also unpack and resettle and even organize you in your new location. They can even clean and prepare your old home for the sales market.  In short, a professional move management company can oversee every aspect of moving from beginning to end, from one sweet home to another essentially leaving you stress free.  So if you are planning to make a move in 2018 seriously consider hiring a professional move management company.  Just as hiring a licensed realtor, it just makes sense!

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