4 Ways to Clear the Clutter for a Faster Home Sale

Have you been dreading preparing your property for sale? You’re not alone! Our customers call us to have their property cleared of clutter, or, completely emptied in a short time, as in the case of an estate. Do you take on this work yourself, or, hire a company to do it for you? How can you accomplish this monumental task on your own?

How do you choose the best method to downsize your property?


There are companies that manage estate sales directly from the property over a period of days with an estate sale open house. The disadvantage of this type of estate clearing is the intrusion of strangers walking through the property, and the time and preparation needed to set up an auction. Estate sales will often bring out dealers, and curiosity seekers, rather than real buyers. The estate sale representative handles all the transactions. and often takes a high percentage of sales profits once the sales period ends and will not remove extra items that did not sell.


Traditional auction houses will only take items for clearout if they expect them to be saleable, meaning they are in tip-top condition and have some real value. The days of selling off an entire home’s contents with a traditional auction are coming to an end, being replaced by more practical online auctions, with buyers bidding at their convenience over a period of days. It is always surprising to realize that auction houses prefer to take so little out of a property to add to a sale.


You might be disappointed by the process of selling off your extra furnishings, collectibles, and household goods yourself on Kijiji, or Marketplace. Time-consuming. and again, strangers will be coming to your door, and contacting you all hours of the day and night. Haggling and negotiating can be expected, and you may not sell the items quickly. Buy and sell Groups on Facebook have a lot of traffic, yet we often hear that people don’t actually show up at the appointed time to purchase their items. This type of sale is fine if you don’t have a great deal to get rid of, and plenty of time to set up all those visits from potential buyers.


Strategic Property Solutions provides a full-service cleanout of all items you want to unload, separates the saleable items and what is best for donation, sets up a Maxsold online auction, handles all the auction advertising and is present for the pickup date. Once the downsizing process is complete, our team can completely empty a property, clean it thoroughly, and if needed, stage it for a faster sale.

Our customers rely on us to manage the entire process, or any part of it, within a specific time frame and on-budget. We can arrange for appraisers of fine collectibles and antiques, and will work with a homeowner, a family, an executor, estate trustee, realtor or lawyer as needed. We are bonded and insured professional downsizing and estate liquidation experts with a great record of projects across the GTA, Durham, Northumberland, and Peterborough areas.

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