Clear out your Storage Unit with an Online Auction

The high cost of storing your items at a locked indoor or outdoor facility over time might make you reconsider what you’re putting in it; for a short term situation, as in a move where you need to declutter before a sale, or, store extra items as you downsize, it makes sense for many people.

For a few months, not for a few years. The cost of deferring a decision on what to do with items in storage can cost far more than most expect.

Ask your local storage unit facility what the average length of time a unit will be occupied before being surrendered…our local storage units in Southern Ontario are costly, and, people often keep them for over two years while in a life transition.

The average cost of a 10×10 unit in a locked outdoor facility can be up to $150 a month, and, that’s only 1/2 of a single car garage if you’re trying to imagine what that looks like. Over 12 months, that’s $1800/year!

The high cost of self-storage over time begs the question: why leave it there so long?

Deferred decisions, lack of space, memories we’re not ready to part with, or a longer downsizing or life transition than we expected are many of the reasons to pack up and store for longer periods of time. It might be time to bring in a professional decluttering or organizing team, and Strategic Property Solutions offers both of those services to its clients.

Storage Units can be organized and sorted for a successful Online Auction with Maxsold.

Recently, we worked with a family who had lost their loved one, and made the decision to NOT make a decision on many of the treasured hobby items for many many months, and were not sure how to proceed, finding us online through the terms Estate Cleanout and Estate Clearout, on Google. The family had realized that no one in their group had the space for these memory items, and were unsure how to clear the final boxes, tools, and equipment from the estate, and from storage. Camping gear, household goods, kitchenware, small appliances, collections and more were a part of this storage unit. How would the family make a good decision on clearing these items…

Our Solution: Strategic Property Solutions organized a Storage Unit Auction, with an online registration and purchase process, through our Maxsold Auction Services.

View The Closed Auction Bidding Prices Achieved Online Here

Our team was provided access, and we went to work organizing saleable lots, sorting useable but not overly valuable items for donation, and some for disposal. The family hadn’t found the time or the heart to take this one last step to close the estate and empty the unit.

The process for the Storage Unit Online Auction is streamlined, and takes only a few days to arrange, and in under two weeks from start to finish, the unit was clear, swept clean, and ready for rental. Our team will create excellent descriptions for the online sale. We work with the family, and keep them informed of our progress, and after photographing and cataloging lots, take the sale to the online auction stage. All items on auction are in good or excellent used condition before being added to the Maxsold Auction online.

Once advertised on our Social Networks, Maxsold Auction Page, Website and Google, our online estate auctions, and in this case, online storage unit auction, reach thousands of people who would not have known about it otherwise, in a targeted geographic and demographic market with effective online advertising, and can bring a great price for bidders, and for sellers.

Why decide to clear your storage unit with Strategic Property Solutions?

We do all the work for you. Once all items are advertised, all bidding begins at $1, and bidding closes on a specific date, with a scheduled pick-up time, location and instructions posted for buyers, and transactions are all handled online. You won’t be getting calls, emails, or people showing up at the door trying to negotiate. Your items sell, are picked up, and your auction is closed quickly. Your storage unit, or estate, is cleared for you, safely, and without the hard work or trauma of going through a long sales process.

Ask us about our Storage Auction Services with Maxsold Online Auctions at Strategic Property Solutions. We service the GTA, Durham Region, Peterborough/Kawartha Lakes, and Northumberland in Ontario.

Call us at 905 449 4097 for your quote.

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