By freeing your space, you free yourself.

Clutter Control & Organizing Services

One of the first steps to take when thinking of downsizing is decluttering.

An organized home equals a functional home. It promotes stress free living and makes it easier to find items. Like most of us we don’t know where to begin, where to put things, and how to tackle piles of belongings. We like to hold on to furniture, clothing that no longer fits, household items “just in case” we may need them some day.

Decluttering With Professional Help

We can help you get control over your belongings and fall in love with your home all over again. We roll up our sleeves and help you physically sort items and develop storage solutions for them.

You will learn how to decide what stays and what goes, and where to put your useful items and your treasures. You will learn how to use your storage and the space in your home to maximum efficiency.

We can also provide advice on how to maintain your systems using routines and habits.

You will have a space that you feel happy in, and the knowledge and skills to keep it that way!

Clutter can create a stressful environment when:

  • You no longer have the energy or desire to keep your home clean and orderly
  • You can no longer locate things because you don’t remember where they have been stored
  • You are not able to enjoy memorabilia, because it is lost in the clutter
  • You can no longer move comfortably around the home because of too much tangible items
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Serving Southern Ontario including:
Port Perry Professional Organizer
Port Hope Professional Organizer
Newcastle Professional Organizer
Bowmanville Professional Organizer

We can help you:

  • Meet with you to determine a needs assessment
  • Provide a plan that works for you
  • Help in sorting and organizing
  • Distribute unwanted items to family, charity, and recycling
  • Make memory books of cherished items

Let Strategic Property Solutions provide a clutter free, stress-free, nurturing and relaxing home for you where you can focus on keeping only what matters most to you. Give yourself the gift of letting go.

Our caring, experienced team will make your transition a simple one.

“Delores and her team worked diligently to de-clutter, stage, pack, move, unpack and place their belongings. […] Delores succeeded in a kind, compassionate and efficient manner” – Donna