Exhausted maintaining your large home? Need a change? We can help.

Downsizing is the first step to a minimal, streamlined lifestyle and for many homeowners it is the first chapter to a new life.


Downsizing allows you to save money, energy, and resources, giving you more time to live life and spend it with family.

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Downsizing Services In Toronto & Durham Region

Downsizing from a large home, cumbersome and costly home opens up an array of new opportunities for older adults to make the most out of life.  It is a chance to simplify your life, be creative and be happy.

While moving to a smaller, more manageable home generally provides the chance to free up both capital and time, it can also mean taking stock of a lifetime of collected possessions and connections to the family home.

Approach downsizing as a time to declutter and embark on a fresh new chapter in life.  Often times negative emotions of moving will turn out to be very short lived when joys of a more relaxed, unburdened lifestyle take over.

Call Strategic Property Solutions to help you focus on the road ahead.


  • Determine a Needs Assessment
  • Organize and Downsize
  • Sell, Donate, Recycle
  • Pack, Unpack and Resettle
  • Customize space planning
  • Secure trusted, experienced movers
  • Concierge services


  • Less up keep by downsizing
  • Free up equity to control your future
  • Live a lifestyle that is flexible and low maintenance
  • Connect with like minded friends and enjoy social activities
  • Opportunity to travel more
  • Opportunity to direct energy into creative projects, instead of housework
  • Freedom to live your life the way you want giving you peace of mind
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Port Perry Downsizing Service
Port Hope Downsizing Service
Newcastle Downsizing Service
Bowmanville Downsizing Service

Our knowledge and experience allows you to go from where you are now to where you want to be, with as little stress as possible, so you can focus on what matters to you.

Our caring, experienced team will make your transition a simple one.

“When I returned I was thrilled to see that my bed was made, everything was unpacked and put in place.  […]  So happy to have Strategic Property Solutions referred to me.  Thank you for my stress free relocation.” – Margaret