Home Staging

Highlight your home’s strengths and downplay its weaknesses

Living in your home and staging your home for sale are two very different things.  You want the highest price you can attract when selling your home, and home staging can help.

We take a strategic approach when it comes to managing the sale of your home. It’s necessary to create the perfect atmosphere to pique buyers’ curiosity without creating an experience that’s too personalized.

To appeal to the greatest possible pool of prospective buyers, highlight your home’s strengths and downplay its weaknesses through home-staging.

Our featured work is done by Jillian Stone, with Stonehouse Staging.  Jillian  provides proven methods that includes depersonalizing your home, and creating the illusion of space allowing potential buyers to see themselves in the home more easily, and this can mean more offers.  Jillian has an eye for color and design.  She works on highlighting the features of the home that will in turn distract from the not so desirable features.

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happy couple who have just sold their home after using home staging services

Home Staging With Purpose

Anyone can “dress a home up”, but knowing exactly how to stage a home requires a keen attention to detail and insight into the real estate buying process.

Think of refreshing your home as a makeover, enhancing the space in your home. Balancing interior design with elements that create adding depth to the current space. It takes knowledge and experience to showcase your home and presenting it in the best possible light making the necessary changes and delivering ideal results.  Stonehouse Staging delivers results that will delight you.

Home Staging That Maximizes Selling Price

At Strategic Property Solutions, home staging is a critical component in any home sale as it allows us to provide you with the maximum sale value of your home.

You have an advantage over your competition as it sets the scene to create immediate buyer interest in your home. Our home staging experts ensure that all aspects of your interior design are handled professionally and conducted to maximize your home’s value while also providing a fast sale time.

Sell Fast, Minimize Your Listing Time

Another benefit of home staging is not only the ability to maximize your home’s sale price, but also to reduce the length of time your home is on the market.  Living in a home which is for sale can be stressful to the home owner.  The need to maintain it perfectly clean for listings, open houses & viewings, and to leave the premises for viewings causes hardship for the home owner.  Selling your home faster makes sense, and home staging can help do just that!

Increasing the perceived value of your home increases demand for your property, which means that people want it and they want it now. And again, depersonalizing the home makes potential buyers able to see themselves as the owners of the space.  This leads to a significant reduction of the time that your property is listed.

toronto home after home staging
bedroom after home staging

When you need home staging you can trust and depend on Stonehouse Staging. Jillian will work with you and your home to ensure that your home is strategically staged for the shortest list time and highest selling price.

Our caring, experienced team will make your transition a simple one.

“I would highly recommend Delores and her team with Strategic Property Solutions.” – Elliott