Move Management / Senior Relocation Services

Your single point of contact for all aspects of your move

Everyone knows that moving and relocating is a stressful, life changing event. From planning to execution, there is a great deal involved in the moving process including packing, sorting, scheduling cleaners and transporting pets. The entire move process can require an extensive amount of work and careful management to ensure that your relocation is a successful one. As professional senior movers in Toronto & Durham we work closely to ensure all aspects of your move are handled correctly.

As a move manager, we are a single point of contact for all aspects of the move, from the day you contact us to plan your move all the way to the end of the move.

Not only is moving a difficult process but the work doesn’t stop once you’ve packed and moved.  We help you unpack and make your new home as beautiful as possible.

Strategic Property Solutions will make your relocating and/or move a simple and painless process.

move manager taking care of boxes before moving them to a new location

Allow Us To Take Care Of Your Entire Move

Our move management service covers your whole transition, with all of your belongings being handled carefully and arriving at your new home, clean and put away in an organized manner.

The furniture is put in place, clothes in the closet, pictures are hung and the beds are made. There is not a box in sight.

Our professional move management services include:

  • Developing a move plan that works for you
  • Declutter, sort and organize
  • Distribute possessions to family, charity, auction or recycling
  • Customize a floor plan of your furniture in your new home
  • Oversee movers and packers
  • Arrange storage
  • Unpack and help with set up of new home
  • Organize cleaning and debris removal in former home
  • Provide contractors for cosmetic upgrades in new home or former home
  • Assist with the sale of your home by working with the most successful real estate professionals
move management project in progress

Serving Southern Ontario including:
Pory Perry Senior Mover
Port Hope Senior Mover
Newcastle Senior Mover
Bowmanville Senior Mover

“SPS provided my sister and I welcome assistance to move my elderly father. I found SPS through a web search, and the services described were exactly what we were seeking – sell, donate, trash process streams, and a final apartment clean-up. After calling to discuss options, SPS came the next day to evaluate the on-site situation and subsequently provided a written estimate that same evening. There was no hard sell or pressure tactics, just honest conversation. SPS responded quickly to email questions. The cost for the service was fair and in the end came in under the estimate. The schedule was met precisely.

If you are looking for a very helpful partner in dealing with downsizing and a move of a loved one, you won’t go wrong with SPS.” – Colin M.

As a Relocation Transition Specialist and senior movers in Toronto & Durham we strive to create a better move for you by offering support before, during and after a move.  We possess the know how, resources, and have the experience to ensure that everything goes right from start to finish making your relocation stress free.

Our caring, experienced team will make your transition a simple one.

“I highly recommend Strategic Property Solutions […] I love the fact that I did not have to worry about booking movers or elevators, hauling around boxes, tape and packing paper.  […] when the movers arrived I left for the day […] When I returned I was thrilled to see that my bed was made, everything was unpacked and put in place.” – Margaret