A few words from our satisfied customers.

What our clients say …

  • “I don’t feel overwhelmed anymore”
  • “I have the confidence to organize my life now”
  • “You made the decluttering a positive experience for me”
  • “I look forward to the new life that awaits me”
  • “It was great having someone to help and motivate me”
  • “I never felt as though I was being judged”
  • “I really feel as though a weight has been lifted from my shoulders”
  • “I feel as though I’ve gained freedom to do everything I dream of doing”

There is not enough words to describe how fantastic Delores is .  I had to clean and clear my basement of 10 years of built up clutter, for renovations that I was planning in doing in the new year.  I went down and tried to do it myself and found the whole task so daunting and overwhelming.  I called Delores and in 7 hours  everything put into boxes & packed away in my storage area, the rest went to various charities and to the dump.  I felt a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders.    I would highly recommend Delores to help you and your family  with organizing and DE cluttering your home. – Vanessa Benedict

Delores was hired to help my parents transition from a condo to a retirement residence in a very short time period. Delores and her team worked diligently to de-clutter, stage, pack, move, unpack and place their belongings. This was a very emotional time. Delores succeeded in a kind, compassionate and efficient manner to take care of all the details, both large and small. When hiring a company, you expect that the “big picture” will be taken care of. With Delores and her team, not only did they fully succeed with the overall move, it was the small details such as getting rid of old furniture, placing unwanted items for sale, referral to a real estate lawyer, helping with the change of address and so much more that made the absolute difference to my parents as they transitioned their lives. Thank you Delores & team.  – Donna

I highly recommend Strategic Property Solutions for downsizing and relocation services. I love the fact that I did not have to worry about booking movers or elevators, hauling around boxes, tape and packing paper.  As a matter of fact when the movers arrived I left for the day so that I would not get in anyone’s way.

When I returned I was thrilled to see that my bed was made, everything was unpacked and put in place.  And no boxes were in sight.  So happy to have Strategic Property Solutions referred to me.  Thank you for my stress free relocation.  – Margaret

We hired Delores’ services when my grandparents moved into a retirement home. They left behind a home they built and lived in for over 60 years. We needed assistance in removing, cleaning at disposing of “stuff”. Delores and her crew were efficient in removing items and we had the peace-of-mind knowing that what was reusable was brought to the appropriate people, recycled or brought to the garbage. – Marc

I was referred to Strategic Property Solutions for estate liquidation after losing my mother.  It was a very emotional and painful time in my life where I was not able to deal with liquidating the estate.  Delores came in with her team and in a matter of days the estate was cleaned out, stuff was taken to auction and the home was ready for market.  I would highly recommend Delores and her team with Strategic Property Solutions. – Elliott

On October 7, 2015 Delores  and her team arrived on time and quickly got organized.  It was just a move from one apartment to another, but the thought of a second move in just 7 months was overwhelming for two seniors.  We left for the day and when we arrived back we were so surprised at how much had been accomplished with attention to detail.  The bed was made, the dishes were put in the cupboards and even the dog leashes were hung.  Nothing was broken and it already felt like home.  We highly recommend this personable and professional team of Strategic Property Solutions.  Thank you so much.  – Grace

Strategic Property Solutions ‘saved us.’  The thought of moving was so overwhelming for us in terms of not knowing where to start.  When Delores provided us with a consultation, we were relieved that it included everything.  From providing us with a floor plan in our new space, to looking after all the stuff that did not fit.  The team looked after all the little details that we had not even thought of.  Our new space felt like home after Delores and her team unpacked and helped us resettle.  Thank you. – Helen

Thank you Delores to you and your team for all your wonderful help.  When my husband passed away suddenly I found myself overwhelmed with selling my home and moving.  Delores made everything go seamless and she even helped to find a new home for my dog Lucy, as I was unable to take her with me.  Your service was wonderful and so are you.  Thank you so much and I highly recommend your services.  – Shareen

On very short notice, Delores with Strategic Property Solutions, was able to look after all aspects of my move from Burlington to Brooklin.   I highly recommend their services.  – Joanne

For unforeseen circumstances I have moved multiple times and for every move I have used Delores and her team with Strategic Property Solutions.  On a regular basis she checks up on me and has always provided me with reliable and professional services.  Thank you for taking away all my stresses.  – Carol

Our caring, experienced team will make your transition a simple one.