Your Questions are Always Welcome.

Starting off on the new journey to transition to another stage of life will leave you with questions, important decisions, and sometimes a tight time-frame to work with. How will you accomplish everything on your list? How can our team help you? We always encourage our clients to ask as many questions as necessary to help them move through the process.

Some Frequently Asked Questions you may have for our Team:

  • What do we do with all this ‘stuff’ we can’t make room for?
  • How do we decide what to keep and what to leave behind?
  • Can you help us sell and donate things we don’t need?
  • Can you help us plan for what furniture to take and can you help us get buy new items that will fit in the smaller space?
  • How do you help us move to our new home? Can you do all the packing and moving?
  • Can you take care of all the details with a mover?
  • Can you help us set up at the new house?
  • How much will it cost to have you help us downsize?
  • Can you make our house look nicer for our listing? How fast can you get the house ready for sale?
  • What does Relocation mean? Do you work with everyone or just seniors that need to move?
  • Can you take care of the Estate of our family member, and how much of that process can you manage for us?
  • How soon can you have it all done?

These are the most commonly asked questions, and our answers are tailored to your specific situation. We work with you to prepare a proposal based on your needs, budget, and timeline, then get started quickly to move your project forward. Request your quote online on our website.

Realizing the difficulty of these situations, our team offers with compassion and respect, to make realistic decisions on what to take along to the new residence, what to give away to family or for donation, and what to dispose of that is not useful. Plans will be made for any new items needed to fit in the new home.

Our team helps you to decide what is saleable, and arrange the sale of items by auction, if needed, handling all the details, and advertising your items to a wide audience for the most successful outcome.

If you have an estate to liquidate, we can work with beneficiaries, estate lawyers, appraisers, estate agents, and the family to completely liquidate an estate with effective communications, even when you can’t be there yourself to manage the process. We can clear an estate property quickly and easily if necessary.

A property can be completely prepared for sale, staging it to show it’s best online, cleaning it from top to bottom, managing light repairs and renovations with contractors, working with agents, and making a home market-ready.

Let us take care of the packing your home for you, or with you, manage the movers, and set you up in the new home with fully functioning kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and living spaces so you can move right in and relax. We can also transition you from one unit to another in a retirement residence should the need arise.

Strategic Property Solutions staff are trained, insured, experienced, reliable, and love what we do for our customers, hearing the relief they express when their project has come to fruition as planned.

How can you get started? Call Delores at 905 449 4097, and let’s start planning. We make your Move Easy! Request more information on our online form on the website. 

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